About RAH & Co - Natural deer leather

At RAH & Co we sell deer leather goods. Although venison is increasingly popular and antler products seem to be everywhere, almost all hides are binned.  Our aim is to make better use of this beautiful organic material.  

Our product range spans three areas - handbags, small accessories and home interiors. It's expanding all the time and we welcome your thoughts and ideas for developing new lines.  Our designs are classically simple to show off the natural qualities of the raw materials.  

What are these qualities?  Well, deer leather is soft and light but hardwearing. It has a degree of stretchiness that has made it popular for gloves and clothing in years gone by.  In fact it has a tremendous heritage all across the globe.  From Native American moccasins to original Levi jeans patches, from Samurai armour to Han Dynasty currency, from Inuit tipis to Sami jewellery, from Regency breeches to royal gloves - deer leather has wonderful stories to tell.

We look forward to sharing some of these stories.  Let's learn from the past and create some more excitement with contemporary applications and designs.  

Join us on the journey and help to promote a low wastage, 'tip-to-tail' philosophy.


"I think the concept of your business is fantastic" - TR, Tennessee USA

"I really love your products and what they stand for" - NJ, Berkshire UK